Ickis Lanzalaco first day at home after a long

Hi Janie!
Pippa is getting so big and she is doing great!
Here is a recent picture.   Megan

Our still cute..sweet..sadee! Thought you'd
enjoy!..She is getting so big!..just love her. She
is such a sweetie and spoiled and loved by all!..
The oviatts
Just wanted to send you a note to let you know Oscar
has both Jason and I trained now! I've spent every
second with him. We went to the vet today and she said
he was perfect and the cutest thing she ever saw. He
has not had one poopy in the house and only a couple
of piddles. He goes to the back door to let us he know
he needs out. Did you work with him or is he just that
Much love,   Carie

Happy Easter Janie!!
Here's our Chara on his 2nd bday!!
We love him more everyday!!!  Toni
Hi Miss Janie,
This is Sydney. I just wanted to tell you that I'm
doing great. I'm really happy in my new home,
and my mom and dad say I'm a good girl! My
sister Lucy and I are the best of friends. I knew
from the minute we met that we would be, but
she wasn't sure at first. I was right, as always. I
still play with my bunny toys that you gave me. I
love pulling the stuffing out and leaving it on the
carpet. My favorite things to do are eating,
playing, snuggling, and eating. I've been going
potty on my pee pad, but every once in awhile I
get too excited and have an accident. Mom and
dad say that's ok though, I'm still pretty little. I
went potty outside for the first time yesterday, I
got a treat. I loved the snack but I'm not sure
how I feel about being outside. It's pretty weird
out there. Leaves taste pretty good, but mom
and dad day I shouldn't eat those. Oh well, I'll
just have to be sneaky.
I just wanted to say thanks for helping me grow
up strong and healthy! I though you might want
to see a picture of me, so here you go.

Geno is getting bigger and doing so great. Fully
house trained and has great manners. He loves
his big brother Max