Bostons are my joy and my life. There is nothing like a Boston. It has been said that "
There is no better dog---no greater companion; than a Boston Terrier". Many adjectives have
been used to describe this little dog, the Boston has been called: lively, affectionate, delightful, intelligent,
stylish, sturdy, handsome, elegant, loving, loyal, and most of all---------an  extraordinary companion dog.  
Bostons require time and attention. They are and have been bred to be a companion and thrive on
human contact. They are not outside dogs and do not do well in very hot or cold weather..

    With a nickname like "American Gentleman" you can expect your Boston Terrier to be good-
    natured, intelligent, and polite with a sense of humor. But like many American gentlemen, they
    embody a little bit of spunk and spirit that makes them unique. Breeders and fanciers describe
    Boston Terriers as gentle, alert, and well-mannered. The dogs can be rambunctious, dating back to
    their terrier ancestors. Boston Terriers are special dogs that can do special things. They are highly
    intelligent and learn quickly. They enjoy showing off in the conformation ring and do very well in
    Obedience, Therapy work, and Performance Events such as Agility, Flyball and even Weight
    pulling! Bostons excel in many roles. Not known to be barkers, Boston Terriers don't make the best
    guard dogs, especially because they can be  too friendly to strangers! They adore children and
    senior citizens, making a properly socialized Boston an ideal pet for a young family or an empty-
    nester. A Boston Terrier can be a child's rough and tumble best buddy, or a senior citizen's soul
    mate and confidante. Most of all they excel at being your best friend.  Bostons get along splendidly
    with other canine and feline pets especially when introduced at a young age. They truly enjoy the
    companionship of other animals. If you've ever seen a pack of Bostons playing together, you know
    how much fun they can have! Boston Terriers are very active dogs that love to play. They love to go
    for walks and make very good travel companions. Without some basic training they may jump on
    you and maybe even give little nips while playing. Some Bostons have been given up for adoption
    or dropped off at the local dog pound for these very reasons.